Disable the ‘as you type’ options

G2O says:. March 29, at pm. Laura says:. September 11, at pm. Nick WW says:. May 13, at pm. November 9, at am. Sabin says:. December 6, at am. Have you found an answer to your question??? Having the same problem! Charles says:. September 8, at am. September 10, at am. Wow — thank you for including this. Very, very useful! December 7, at am.

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Regina says:. October 6, at pm. October 11, at pm. Meida Surya says:. April 18, at pm. Vanla Duhsaka says:.

December 29, at am. Preference is grey even if I Force Quit the same file reopens. Pl help. Eve says:. January 20, at pm. April 19, at pm. James Knight says:. March 15, at pm. March 26, at am. Neha Kaul says:. March 25, at pm. Neha — thanks for the feedback.

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George Habacon says:. Dina says:. April 4, at pm. Jeena says:. September 13, at pm. Thank you so much… this was the only procedure that worked for me!. Cesar says:. June 5, at pm. June 6, at pm. Ario says:. August 6, at pm. Long says:. October 19, at am. January 24, at pm. Karen says:. November 22, at am. Maddy says:. December 1, at pm. Farid says:. December 6, at pm. Excellent solution. It works for me. Thank you very much. Heidi says:. February 15, at am. April 16, at pm.

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April 18, at am. Hendri says:. May 22, at pm. They can do more with theirs than I can. Such as things like 3 and 4 scroll for switching tabs 3fingers and i believe minimizing the window 4 fingers I can only do the two finger scroll.

Sounds like dance moves Oh well. I cant complain. I can only imagine how much other shit I don't know about.

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I like these Macs. So far.

Enable spell checking for the new languages

IL, USA. I have an 08 Blackbook and I can 2 finger select. Check your trackpad settings.

If I want to select something I hold the button part down with one finger and slide the other finger on what needs to be highlighted. Then two finger tap to do whatever. Least thats how mine works. Try a side to side swipe too. Unless i'm mistaken, if you've the updated OSX it works. Screw with it Stay Connected.