Opera browser brings you more speed, more discoveries and more safety

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Opera Review

Opera is the first major web browser that can block ads for you without add-ons. Can't get enough online video? The data-compressing Opera Turbo feature, native ad blocker and other features will help you browse faster. Bookmarks, open tabs and other data stay synced through your Opera account.

Want to keep Opera with all its settings handy on a USB drive? Personalize your news feed to read what is most relevant to you. You can add preferred news sources from all over the world, in addition to the top 50 articles from your region. Browse faster and longer on computers Speed and performance are among our top priorities. Get Opera for your operating system The Opera browser for Windows, Mac, and Linux computers gives you the most from the Web with features that maximize your privacy, content enjoyment, and productivity.

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Read more. When new messages arrive, the notification will appear directly in the browser so you can answer them at once.

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You can also mute or log out from the messaging apps using the three-dotted menu button at the top of your screen. To date, Opera is the first and still the only mainstream browser that integrates a free and unlimited VPN. This allows you to focus on the content without fear of losing privacy. Its built-in VPN does not require a subscription, payment, and additional extensions. Simply click on the trigger to turn on the VPN service. Opera also lets you select a virtual location and even see stats on the data used.

The VPN service works with both normal and private browsing windows. By turning the VPN, Opera will change your IP address with a virtual one making it hard for websites to track your location and the identity of your computer. This will also block many tracking cookies. Furthermore, the VPN service gives you added protection , especially if you are using a free Wi-Fi connection.

This shields you from unwanted sniffers that share the same network. According to some, when you compare the layout of the classic browsers to the Opera browser, the former is more perplexing , especially for traditional users.

However, you can familiarize with it in a matter of minutes. The start page is quite different from the other browsers. Instead of the classic search engine or your favorite web page, Opera displays a Windows Metro-style menu wherein users can save links of their favorite websites. There is also a sidebar where built-in programs such as the messaging apps are pinned.

Finally, for people who want to personalize their browsers, Opera offers various themes that you can download and use. However, to support all these features, the app requires hardware with medium to high performance. It can still run on older devices, but you may experience lagging and slower browsing speed. In a nutshell, Opera is a browser that you can use when you want to take a break from the classic browsing programs. The app offers faster and high-performance browsing and exceeds the limitations of standard browsers with its unorthodox features.

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And as if these were not enough, it integrates some of the popular application for added convenience. If you are looking for a browser with a lot of promising functions , this app is worth trying. Opera browser is built for speed. It is light but packed with many useful and practical features to help you get more from the web. You can also access your bookmarks and tabs on all of your devices, such as other laptop, mobile phones and tablets. Opera has everything you need to do more on the web. Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Telegram are three social messengers available for this feature.

Opera Web Browser | Faster, Safer, Smarter | Opera

Once activated, it will extend your laptop battery life by up to an hour. The feature is located next to search and address bar so you can easily turn ad blocking on or off. You can either choose to read the top 50 news articles in several different languages to get on the top of the world. Or, you can choose news sources you like across several categories and languages to customize your front page. So why not watch your favorite YouTube video or Netflix show while browsing elsewhere on the web or working on other programs?

The video pop out creates an adjustable video frame that floats over other programs, allowing you to always stay in tune to your favorite content. Good alternative to Safari. I have already tried two alternatives to almost prefect Safari browser. I must say that developers did a good job here. First thing I would admit is stability.