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It kind of worked with Worse with OS But yes, in theory you can run both.

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You don't even have to rename them because Logic X will have a different install and name by default. The good news, maybe: You can open any Logic 9 project with Logic X just fine.

Description Apple Logic Pro X 10.3 For Mac + Overview

I tried it and by now worked with over a dozen projects and there were no issues at all. Obviously, if there are old plugins that are not 64 bit they will not work. But the projects themselves didn't cause any issues at all.

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  • Logic Pro X For Mac 10.6.8.
  • I suspect Logic works the same way as other Apple pro software - they can work side by side. Just rename the app or move it to different directory.

    Is Cthulu stable for a Mac SnowLeopard 10.6.8, keeps crashing on me?

    If simply installing both versions side-by-side doesn't work, could you run the older version in a virtual machine? Or does that screw up access to your audio hardware too much for it to work properly? Is there a particular reason you want to continue using Logic Pro 9? Is it because your bit plugins won't work in Logic Pro X?

    Thanks for all your replys Im on the lastest version of El Capitan and everythings seems to run well and I dont have to rename the apps to make them works. Logic 9 new?

    I no longer see it on the apple website. CJ Miller. CJ Miller wrote:.

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    I have a Mac Pro from rather than a Macbook pro or not pro? I'm sort of confused. I'm just going by what the upgrade instructions on the apple website are. Best of luck - I also find it all too confusing. My old G4 has both Logic 6 emagic and Logic 7 apple - all dongled and paid for repeatedly through upgrades.

    How to run two different version of the same software on Mac OS (Logic Pro 9 and Logic Pro X) : osx

    Now I find the Logic 9 I bought a few months ago for my Nov macbook pro has reached a dead end and reasonably priced as it is I am expected to pay the same again for an updated Logic X. Like most, I don't make a profit from gear and gigging, so I'm struggling to keep the faith. I'll never resort to piracy, but shouldn't I be able to give my Logic 9 to a user like the OP? Not sure I like this modern download thing - we "own" nothing!

    Just got off the phone with Apple again.

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    Spoke with a "Logic specialist". Basically my black macbook can't support the latest os x mountain lion, therefore can't support Logic Pro X. But, even though Apple no longer technically sells Logic Pro 9, if I can still find a version from a third party or somewhere, Logic Pro 9 will run on os x But I'll probably try to upgrade my os x to at least os x

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